Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Upper Range Tee

With the new Zoysia Practice Tee in perfect shape and recently opening for members, it was time to address the upper practice tee.  The upper practice tee was in need of being leveled and regrassed to 007 bentgrass to create a tee that would truly replicate the fairway conditions of the renovated Wissahickon course.

Zoysia Tee seeing plenty of action during the first week of opening

Upper Practice Tee Restoration

Sod cutting the existing practice tee

Removing the existing grass from the upper tee which was mostly rye grass

View from the Zoysia Practice Tee

Almost completely stripped and ready to be leveled

Before it could be leveled we went over it with seeda-vator to break up the soil.
Members using the Zoysia Practice Tee in the foreground.

Smart Leveler to ensure a perfectly level tee

Leveling the tee with the transit in the foreground.

Putting out some 70-30 tee mix before seeding.

Using knobby tires to dimple the soil after seeding to get good soil to seed contact.

The newly seeded practice tee

Putting down sod around the teaching mats so that lessons would not be disrupted.

Laying sod down around the teaching mats only.

Watering the newly seeded tee

Heavy rain just 2 days later resulted in having to reseed some areas where seed washed away.

Seed starting to germinate 6 days after initial seeding.

13 days after seeding and just after the first mowing.

17 days after seeding.  Picture taken from the other side of the range tee.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Competitive Golf at Philadelphia Cricket Club

It has been an active month; as the PGA of America's Professional National Championship, our very own member / guest, the Ross and Smith tournament, and the Philadelphia Open have all been played at PCC within a 30 day period.
Below are some photos of the work being done for all the tournaments and the end results.

Aerial shot taken from TV crane by #18 tee on Wissahickon during PNC

Professional National Championship

On June 25th, Philadelphia Cricket Club welcomed 312 of the best golf club professionals and teachers who are members of the Professional Golfers' Association of America for a 4 day tournament, vying for 20 spots at the upcoming PGA Championship at Whistling Straights.  Despite some nasty weather before and during the tournament, the whole week went off without a hitch thanks to a great effort by the grounds staff and volunteers.  Below are some pictures from the week.

The crew and volunteers having dinner before going out for the afternoon shift

The fleet lined up and ready to attack Wissahickon and Miltia Hill fairways for an afternoon cut.

And the fleet is off to mow 12 fairway behind the last group

Half of the fairway mowers finishing the morning mow on Militia Hill #8

 The other half of the fleet mowing the fairway on Wissahickon #6

Finishing divots on Milita Hill fairways for the evening despite the heavy rain

Dan and the PGA performing course set up for the next day as the rain continued to come down.

Trying to get the divots on the range filled in before the heavy rain.

Everyone in good spirits though as the rain finally started to let up.

Rainbow over Wissahickon.

Flight deck cleaning pattern on greens to ensure all ball marks get filled.

Raking the Great Hazard for the Professional National Championship.

The grounds crew with Matt Dobyns on Wissahickon #18

Aerating the practice tee right after the trophy presentation to help speed up the recovery process

The turf guys celebrating the official end to the PNC after a long week.

Ross and Smith Tournament

Just a week and a day after the PNC ended, it was the practice round of the PCC member / guest Ross and Smith which meant the rest for the grounds crew was short lived, but everyone was pumped to give the members and their guest the same conditions they had just watched on TV.

Getting ready to send the R&S balloon up for all to see.

Aerial Shot of Wissahickon right before the beginning of R&S

Putting Contest on Wissahickon #18 under the lights.

Philadelphia Open

The Philadelphia Open, on of the major tournaments conducted by the Golf Association of Philadelphia came to PCC just 10 days after the final day of the R&S.  Another short lived break for the Wissahickon golf course and the crew.  Luckily the week of high temperatures and humidity broke for the tournament and provided us with a beautiful day for golf, which was a welcomed change after the downpours of the PNC and R&S.

Early morning mow to get the course ready for the Philadelphia Open

Raking the "church pew" bunkers on #4 early in the morning

Afternoon greens mow ahead of the 2nd round

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time Lapse Video of St Martins Brick Patios

We set up a few time lapse cameras in various locations to capture the construction process of putting in the brick paths at St Martins.  Two areas that we focused on were the two patios that connected with the walk path that goes from the squash courts to the paddle courts.  Please take a look at the two videos below to get an idea of just what went in to the construction of these two patios.

Construction of the patio outside of the Tennis Shop

Construction of the patio outside of the Blue Room

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Large brick patio outside Blue Room

As the brick path goes from the squash courts to the paddle courts it widens outside of the Blue Room to create a large brick patio that can be used for large outdoor events at St Martins.  Below are pictures taken from our time lapse camera of the process involved to install the patio.  Even through the inclement weather the crew worked at a rapid pace to get the patio installed quickly.

Adding the base layer for the patio

Installing drainage for the patio

Drainage pipe being installed under the patio

Compacting the base layer before putting down the sand layer

Tarp laid down ahead of the snow storm to keep it from getting wet and freezing

Removing the snow the next day

Sand layer in the foreground for the path that runs from the squash court and will tie into the patio

Bricks being staged as loads of sand are being brought in

Sand layer being put down by one crew as another crew follows behind laying bricks

Patio being laid as the path continues toward the paddle courts

End of the patio and the continuation of the path in the foreground.  Dry sand being put down on top of the patio to fill the cracks and the entire length of the path in the background.

Dry sand being brushed in to the cracks of the patio to secure the bricks

The end of the patio and the continuation of the brick path toward the paddle courts.

View of the patio from underneath the archway outside the Blue Room